Detroit is known around the world for her edgy city streets. Her graffiti has made the cover of many major publications over the past few decades and is known for one of the most talented collections of street artists in the world.

One of the most interesting and often controversial art forms, graffiti is synonymous with the streets of Detroit. Being a company whose mission is representing all forms of Detroit’s regional art, our collection had to contain a great graffiti artist.

There are many great graffiti artists around but in our mind one of the best is FEL3000ft! He is not only talented, he is smart, articulate and his work often tells a story. It is meaningful, edgy, thought provoking, sometimes humorous, and always beautiful.

One of only 2 street artists to have been around Detroit for over 30 years, renowned Detroit Graffiti Artist FEL3000ft started writing graffiti in 1982. Over the past 30 years he has done work for many major companies and painted in many different mediums. Now he also features his work on canvas, in sculpture form, and is focused on building his brand one work of art at a time.

Fel3000ft-Detroit Graffiti Artist

We are so very proud and excited to be joining him in building his brand. Celebrating his art, and taking it ‘to the streets’ on an exciting new line or ArtWear with many ladies and menswear fashion and accessories items.

We hope you are as inspired by his art as we are. Please check back often and follow us on Facebook for the exciting products, special events and more- celebrating all of our artists like poster artists, photographers, fine art painters, illustrators and our newest -the Street Artist FEL3000ft!


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