Michele has been working professionally in photography since 2005, developing an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time. She captures ordinary images as no one else can. Each category of her work represents her distinct photographic interests that you will find here. As she approaches each subject, she works extensively to set up the shot to achieve perfection. The results are often truly surprising. People ask Michele, “What type of cameras do you shoot with”? Michele uses various models of Sony, Canon, and Lumix digital cameras. Nothing is more important to her than what she is capturing, not what she uses to “take the picture”.
Equally important elements of her subject matter are: effective lighting, cloud coverage, time of day, and weather conditions to name a few. Michele prefers to keep her work looking as natural as possible, but uses a simple effects editor to enhance photo quality.

image-49In 2015, Michele Lundgren published her first original photography book, The Photographic Eye: A Detroit Pictorial. The book contains iconic images of Detroit buildings and scenery, as well as various locations from her travels locally and abroad. Michele is currently assembling work for her second publication, Side Streets: An American Pictorial. Both books can be found for sale on the Print Shop page here on this website.

Michele was born in Detroit and currently lives in downtown Detroit with her husband, artist Carl Lundgren, and a couple of wild animals!


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