The Fine Art Photography from Michele Lundgren now available on our Limited Edition ArtWear Fashion and Accessories! Michele Lundgren is what one might call a ‘seeker’. A life of diverse experiences, far-reaching cultural influences, exciting encounters, with the only constant being change, has left her with a discerning eye, a love for life and an innate ability to find the amazing element in all things great and small. Now, this creative seeker, with camera in hand, shares with us her journey. It is with great pleasure that we celebrate the photography of Michele Lundgren in this Limited Edition ArtWear Collection called Urban Chic.


image-49Michele’s Story: In 2013, Michele Lundgren published her first book of original poetry named Pretty Crazy. It is filled with beautiful erotic words, artwork and sensual photographs, using the author as the model. As of 2014, Michele felt the desire to actually get behind a camera, instead of being in front of it, and her photography career was born. She has an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time and to be able to capture ordinary images as no one else can. Each category of her work represents something she has an interest in photographing. As she approaches each subject, she works very hard to set up each shot to achieve perfection… although sometimes she is truly surprised by the results! Her only professional tools are a new computer, a Sony Cyber-shot camera, a cheap photo editor to slightly enhance her work, and her Jeep! She currently resides in a Victorian mansion with her husband, artist Carl Lundgren, in Downtown Detroit.

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