Jerome Ferretti was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1952. Following in his family’s footsteps, he became a Journeyman Bricklayer; at the same time teaching himself the basics of drawing and watercolors. Maturing as an artist, Ferretti incorporated the techniques he learned as a skilled trade with further refinement of his fine arts skills though attending the Center (now College) for Creative Studies and Wayne State University.

A residency at the Bemis Foundation in Omaha, Nebraska during 1991 launched a new phase under the mentorship of world-famous ceramist Jun Kaneko. This combination of fine arts and trades skills lead Ferretti to create a unique body of work that is expressed through watercolors, oils, pastels, architectural pieces and metal, brick and ceramic sculpture.

Ferretti has many notable commissions and public works of art, including: “Seeds” in the Ford Parking structure in Downtown Detroit and “Monumental Kitty” (completed in 2010) in the Corktown neighborhood. His architectural pieces are in private residences and commercial properties statewide. He has collaborated with artists Robert Sestock, Eric Fogle, Tom Rudd and Matthew Blake. Ferretti has also taught Ceramics at Wayne State Charter School, and Ceramics and Photoshop at the College for Creative Studies.


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