A self-taught artist, born in Detroit. Debbie is from a family of artists and musicians. Debbie started her “art career” in the 5th grade, winning and designing the school flag. In the 1980’s, Debbie designed clothes under the label “LaShong” and her clothes were used on a local TV show and one movie. Her clothes were also sold at a few local malls.

She had been commissioned by a local college to paint large canvas sports figures and wildlife for collectors out of state. While wildlife is her passion to paint, she recently discovered colored pencils art and now is fascinated with working with the media.

Not only does Debbie do colored pencils work of many different subjects, she is also using her Chinese family background of Feng Shui work and currently working on a few series of original artwork that correlate to the classic Feng Shui methods. (Feng Shui is the use of energy “chi” to harmonize individuals with their surrounding home and office environment.) For over three decades, Debbie is also a professional photographer and teaches fitness. www.debbielim.com


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