Life-long Detroiter artist Charles Alexander has exhibited his “highly detailed, colorful, and often times enigmatic art” at the Detroit Institute of Arts — twice as a demonstrating artist; the Scarab Club, Detroit Artists Market, Birmingham/Bloomfield Art Gallery, Affirmations LGBT Art Gallery (volunteer curator for 8 years), and Oak Park Public Library.

A Spirit of Detroit award recipient for support of AIDS and LGBT-related fundraisers, Alexander’s art has been featured in the Detroit News and Free Press, Ann Arbor News, Metro Times, Between The Lines, A & U magazine, and Detroit Homes. “I create an art piece on average of one a day.”

How I create my art. There is little conscious planning as I create my art. I work intuitively and rather quickly. I start with a geometric shape, a humorous or serious doodle, a fluid symbol fished from my subconscious, a newly minted hieroglyph or alphabet, sometimes a line expressive of energy and movement, and I proceed from there. 

The process is closely akin to automatic writing or, to use a label in vogue, channeling. I become both a witness of and a conduit to creativity. 

My work unfolds with its own inner logic (or lack of same), of which I am only dimly aware. The end product is an image or images that suggest rather than tell, probe rather than define, promise rather than state outright. 

My work is whimsical, satiric, metaphysical, convoluted, and highly detailed. As much as possible I try not to censor my work but to let it flow from my psyche. My art is both familiar and alien. It keeps me alive and aware.

For more work by Charles Alexander visit his Facebook page where you can find over 800 images of his incredible works of art spanning decades over his career.

Charles Alexander may be contacted at:

Excerpt from a Metro Times Interview:
“Alexander’s work is hippy, trippy and flippy, but it makes a heartfelt plea for peace, love and understanding. His utopian mission shines through, like the suns and moons that burst nova-like from the ’60s art of Alexander Calder”

Entire Interview:


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