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About Us

t5ABOUT US: ARTWEAR DETROIT -Taking Detroit Art to the Streets! We are dedicated to bringing distinct, authentic designs to handbags, clothing, accessories and housewares called ArtWear, using exceptional source art from Detroit’s regional artists. Our mission is to celebrate regional artists, promote their work, support a living wage, and highlight their valuable contribution to Detroit’s cultural legacy. Featuring new artists, designing a diverse, limited edition product line, and providing opportunities for Detroit regional artists is our goal.

WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT DETROIT’S FUTURE: We want Detroit to thrive in the new century and believe that art and our cities artists will be vital to Detroit’s future. We share the belief with many people that there is virtually no equivalent of under-utilized potential than Detroit today. We believe by creating opportunities for local artists, and showcasing their talent, that it is a positive way to communicate just one more thing that is great about our city! Supporting local artists-one accessory at a time!

THANK YOU: To all the folks who continue to share their kinds words and show support for our artists and our mission, you are so very appreciated!  We would like to thank our talented artists!