David Krieger

ArtWear DETROIT is honored to offer a devilishly fun collection of accessories to celebrate the work of one of Detroit’s premier photographers David Krieger!

Dave Krieger has been a photographer in Detroit, New York, Paris and LA for over twenty years.
We were so excited about his fantastic new book which he wrote and photographed, “Things I do in Detroit by The Nain Rouge”, a collection of the greatest places in Detroit, that we had to create a special line of ArtWear dedicated to his book and his muse the Nain Rouge! Each purchase goes to support the book and it’s promotion encouraging a greater understanding and love for Detroit. Enjoy!

The ‘Detroit Must Read’ book is available at many fine retailers around town, and online at: www.thenainrouge.net
He has worked with numerous Advertising and Editorial Clients. He was nominated for a New York Times Magazine Story on Thai Kickboxing. He was in the 25th Anniversary Detour Magazine Show at Bulgari. Publications include, The New York Times Magazine, New York Magazine, Marie Claire, ESPN Magazine, Mademoiselle, The Source, Details, Detour, and Hour. Advertising Clients include, Young and Rubicam, Cambell Ewald and Brogan and Partners.

Celebrities include Ozzy Osborne, Andy Warhol, David Lee Roth, Mary J Blige, Tim Meadows, Adrian Lester, The Verve Pipe, Wilco, Roy Jones Jr., Willie Horton, Eminem, Craig Kilborne and Jim Carroll among many others.

Jim Ritchie

A lifelong resident of metropolitan Detroit, James Ritchie is a proponent of historic preservation and restoration, and an active participant in its art. His images are of the city today, but they are also reminders of Detroit’s great
industrial and cultural heritage, and illustrate the hope, spirit, and enduring strength of its citizens that will drive its revival. They are truly visual representations of the City of Detroit Motto — “Speramus Meliora” — “Resurget
Cineribus” (We hope for better things – It will rise from the ashes).

Mr. Ritchie exhibits locally and nationally, and is a memberof Detroit Artists Market, Grosse Pointe Art Center, Northville Art House, and Edward Hopper House Art Center (Nyack, NY). He is represented by Nicole Longnecker
Gallery in Houston, Texas, and Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jerome Ferretti

Jerome Ferretti was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1952. Following in his family’s footsteps, he became a Journeyman Bricklayer; at the same time teaching himself the basics of drawing and watercolors. Maturing as an artist, Ferretti incorporated the techniques he learned as a skilled trade with further refinement of his fine arts skills though attending the Center (now College) for Creative Studies and Wayne State University. A residency at the Bemis Foundation in Omaha, Nebraska during 1991 launched a new phase under the mentorship of world-famous ceramist Jun Kaneko. This combination of fine arts and trades skills lead Ferretti to create a unique body of work that is expressed through watercolors, oils, pastels, architectural pieces and metal, brick and ceramic sculpture.

Claudia Hershman

Art has been a part of Claudia Hershman’s world since she was a child. Born in Detroit, she graduated from the University of Michigan with a BS in Design and majors in painting and ceramics. She taught art in elementary school, and worked with Polyform clay, making jewelry, before it became a popular material. Her pins and earrings were the small canvases that foreshadowed her current abstract paintings. She spent several years making functional ceramics and exploring alternative methods in printmaking. Experimentation with materials, a love of color, shape and pattern, is a common theme and driving force in her work. Claudia’s mixed media paintings are part of Henry Ford Hospital’s collection, owned by Molina Health Care, The Woman Center at Oakland Community College, Strathmore Apartments and in private collections.

L.E. Grimshaw

L.E. Grimshaw is an emerging Detroit artist having interests in multiple mediums with photography at the forefront. L.E. is all about art, community, and spiritual connection. Her photographic works have twice been selected by jury for exhibitions at The Scarab Club, Detroit. Dedicated photographic projects include ‘End of An Era: A Day in the Life of Tiger Stadium’ and the ongoing series ‘D’ Sign Detroit’, which are photographs of billboards and signs with no message. Home town love is celebrated with the series ‘Around Town With L.E. Grimshaw

Tony D’Annunzio

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Tony D’Annunzio was born in Detroit, Michigan. He studied radio and television production at Specs Howards Media/Broadcast Arts School, graduating in 1987 at the age of 21 and has been in the broadcast television field ever since. Throughout the years, he has worked with every major broadcast company at the technical and/or production management level including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, CNN, MTV, VH1, Discovery, NFL Films, and HBO. 
He has served as production manager for some of the biggest televised events in the world including two NFL Super Bowls, five NHL Stanley Cup finals, MLB World Series and literally hundreds of network news and national commercial spots. Tony has produced events for six of the last seven Presidents of the United States, including the President Obama acceptance speech in Grant Park.

Gilda Snowden

“Gilda Snowden was the absolute model of a working artist; she was dedicated to her craft and left over 3500 drawings, paintings sculptures and constructions”.

Gilda Snowden, was born in Detroit, Michigan and graduated from Cass Technical High School in 1972. She received her undergraduate (BFA,) and graduate degrees (MA and MFA) from Wayne State University. She taught painting and drawing at Wayne State University from 1979 to 1985, then left WSU when she became a full time instructor at the College for Creative Studies (CCS). During her tenure at CCS she was twice asked to be interim chair of the Fine Arts Department while a search for a permanent chair was underway.

Charles Alexander

Life-long Detroiter artist Charles Alexander has exhibited his “highly detailed, colorful, and often times enigmatic art” at the Detroit Institute of Arts — twice as a demonstrating artist; the Scarab Club, Detroit Artists Market, Birmingham/Bloomfield Art Gallery, Affirmations LGBT Art Gallery (volunteer curator for 8 years), and Oak Park Public Library.

A Spirit of Detroit award recipient for support of AIDS and LGBT-related fundraisers, Alexander’s art has been featured in the Detroit News and Free Press, Ann Arbor News, Metro Times, Between The Lines, A & U magazine, and Detroit Homes. “I create an art piece on average of one a day.”

Detroit is known around the world for her edgy city streets

One of only 2 street artists to have been around Detroit for over 30 years, renowned Detroit Graffiti Artist FEL3000ft started writing graffiti in 1982. Over the past 30 years he has done work for many major companies and painted in many different mediums. Now he also features his work on canvas, in sculpture form, and is focused on building his brand one work of art at a time.

Check out ArtCanvases by FEL3000ft

A native Detroiter, Deneau has been intrigued with painting images of the city for several years

Adversity illuminated the importance of art for Darcel Deneau and without hesitation she redirected her life’s journey in pursuit of painting. In 2002, she earned a BFA from the College for Creative Studies. A native Detroiter, Deneau has been intrigued with painting images of the city for several years. Each painting is intended to comment on the city’s perceived image and represents a moment in the history of Detroit’s progression since the year 2000.

As a scenic painter, coming up through the guild system, life took her to Los Angeles.

Born in upstate New York and raised in northern England, Kate Paul has had a varied art career involving photography, graphics and as a scenic painter before establishing her own commissioned painting business. As a scenic painter, coming up through the guild system, life took her to Los Angeles where she met her “mister” at a scenery shop working in films, theatre and television. Together they relocated to Seattle, WA where Kate started her own commission painting business in 1992.

Michele Lundgren is what one might call a ‘seeker’.

A life of diverse experiences, far-reaching cultural influences, exciting encounters, and the only constant being change, has left her with a discerning eye, a love for life and an innate ability to find the amazing element in all things great and small. Now, this creative seeker, with camera in hand, shares with us her journey. It is with great pleasure that we celebrate the photography of Michele Lundgren in this Limited Edition ArtWear Collection called Urban Chic.

We are pleased to celebrate the work of Carl Lundgren at Detroit Urban Design Studio!

Born in 1947, Carl Lundgren co-created the first comic book convention in the world that included comic books, movies and science fiction. His co-chairman went on to create San Diego ComicCon. In the late 1960s, Carl was a pioneer artist in the psychedelic rock and roll poster era. Two collections of his poster work have been published. With the help of his friend, renowned cartoonist R. Crumb, Carl also created Michigan’s first “underground comix”, “Tales from the Ozone”.

We are proud to feature the historic, iconic posters and original art from Detroit's legendary Gary Grimshaw.

Gary became well known as the Grande Ballroom artists and his talent has kept him in demand and in the spotlight in a career covering the rock scene in Michigan and San Francisco for over 40 years. The definitive poster art book entitled The Art of Rock: Posters From Presley to Punk, published in 1986, and recognized Grimshaw as an originator of the art form. These vintage poster images are available for a limited time through Detroit Urban Design Studio in an exciting collection of trendy and highquality handbags, clothing and more!

Leni Sinclair

We are proud to feature the historic, iconic original photography from Detroit’s legendary Leni Sinclair

“No other photographer has so well captured the intense creative, high-energy spirit and times of Detroit during the 1960s and 70s. Leni Sinclair is a thoughtful photojournalist, someone her subjects easily trust, an insider with an energetic, sensitive and honest eye. Leni has always wanted to show her subjects in the best light, and people always look great in her photos.” — Cary Loren Leni is a Detroit treasure, and her photos are true works of art!